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The Binder with Added Nutrition for Growth

The perfect addition of aquaculture inputs to the pellet feeds is possible oly with a firm binder to reach the gut of the shrimps and fishes. In the interest of sustainable aquaculture management and prodcutivity, CodexBio has developed a firm binder GelBind, having enriched nutritional values to meet the farmers requirments.

Size: 5.0 and 20kgs

GelBind binds all feed additives and supplements firmly to the feed.

GelBind provides added advantage of amino acids which increases growth.

GelBind protects from leaching with high binding capability.

GelBind enhances digestibility and palatability of aquaculture feeds

GelBind is enriched with vitamins, minerals, attractants and carotenoids.

GelBind increase water stability for complete utilization of additives.

GelBind is more effective with less inclusion leads to economical viability

GelBind is a binder with unique & special combination of proteins, amino acids, carotenoids and vitamins to meet the desired nutritional requirements of the cultured SHRIMP & FISH.

GelBind (1 litre) Contains:

Blend of Amino acids,    18%

Vitamin B-Complex        950 mg

Niacinamide                    8000mg

Vitamin C                         300mg

Folic Acid                           10mg

Carotenoids                      150mg

Use Gelbind to mix the feed additive to the feed.

10-20ml/kg feed