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Chelated organic trace minerals

Trace minerals are required in very less quantity to the animlas but they play very crucial role in the metabolism of animals. Addition of trace minerals to the feed have a significant impact on immune functions, disease resistance, cellular metabolism, formation of skeletal structures, maintenance of colloidal systems, regulation of acid-base equilibrium, immunity enhancer, stress releaser, disease resistance and other physiological functions. 

Methionine is an essential amino acid, contributes defence against oxidative stress in the shrimp. Methionine helps in formation of intracellular antioxidant, Glutathione, which relives shrimp from stress.

CodexBio formulates NovuMin, with exact proportions of Chelated Organic Trace minerals which can cater the nutritional needs of Shrimp/Fish.

Size: 1.0, 5.0kgs

NOVUMIN helps improving feed efficiency and survival rate.

NOVUMIN delivers more Bioavailable Trace Minerals.

NOVUMIN helps preventing loose shell and soft shell in shrimp.

NOVUMIN provides nutrient value and promote excellent growth.

NOVUMIN helps in improving immune development and metabolic functions.

NOVUMIN HMTBa ligand delivers a defined amount of Methionine activity.

NOVUMIN increase healthy scale formation and good meat quality in fishes.

NOVUMN helps in regulation of acid-base equilibrium, osmo-regulation and enzymatic activities.

NOVUMIN Specifications with Methionine Activity

NOVUMIN is highly available source of Chelated Organic Trace Minerals with simultaneous Methionine value.

Aqua farm: Take 5-10 gm of NOVUMIN per kg of feed and mix well along with binder, dry the feed for 20-30 min in shade before broadcasting.

Aqua farms: 5-10g per kg of feed

Fish Farms: 500-750g per MT of feed.

Hatchenes: 1-2 per kg of feed