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Mera (TM) Bac W

A new generation of Water & Soil Probiotic

The aquatic animals basically faces two types of threats in the ecosystem, a rent from pathogenic living organisms like Vibrio spp, Aeromonas spp. etc, and other threat from toxic and noxious gases generated due to organic waste such as Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate & Hydrogen Sulphide resulting excess suspended organic matter in the pond bottom.

Size: 1.0kg

MERATM Bac W is a composition of different strains of Bacillus spp & Pediococcus spp which proliferates 100% in the aquaculture ecosystems.

MERATM Bac W offer solutions for healthy management of culture ponds related to water management as well as pond bottom management.

MERATM Bac W works in wide range of physical, chemical and biological parameters which results in good return on investment

MERATM Bac W contains helpful probiotic strains that produces enzymes such as protease, lipase, amylase, pectinase, alpha and beta galactosidase and cellulase.

MERATM Bac W completely controls the black soil formation and toxic gases in the culture ponds by maintaining desirable phytoplankton as well balances the zooplankton population.

MERATM Bac W accelerates the oxidation process in aquaculture ponds which results in the balance of optimum Dissolved Oxygen (DO).

MERATM Bac W contains minimum of 5 X 109 (5 Billion) cfu/g of different spore forming Bacillus spp & Pediococcus spp.


Do not expose MERATM Bac W to heat, moist and sun light.

Soak the probiotic MERATM Bac W in sufficient non contaminated water for 2-4 Hours and apply evenly in the pond preferably between 8 - 11 am. Run aerators at least for 6 hours after the application of MERATM Bac W.

400 g per acre after water filling.

200 g per acre up to 60 days (Every 10 days).

200g per acre upto harvest (Every 7 days).