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BioKlean C80

The complete disinfectant

The Aquaculture pond ecosystem is highly sensitive due to uncontrollable conditio2ns and continuous feeding in the ponds As the stocking densities are increasing in the culture ponds the healthy management of the ecosystem is becoming more important for the farming community

Bioklean C80 is a perfect disinfectant to prevent the pathogenic agents that cause diseases in the culture ponds.

Size: 1.0 and 5.0 Liter

Bioklean C80 stimulates molting in shrimps.

BioKlean C80 kills the pathogenic populations in the culture ponds.

Bioklean C80 protects from Bacterial, Fungal and Protozoan infections.

BioKlean C80 inhibits the ecto-parasitic growth in fish culture ponds.

BioKlean C80 clears the mucous secretions in fish.

BioKlean C80 prevents the tail rot and antenna rot in shrimp.

Bioklean C80 controls the over blooming and stratification af phytoplankton in the culture ponds.

Bioklean C80 Storage Instructions Store it in cool and dry place.

BIoKlean C80 is an effective blend of powerful disinfecting compounds with stabilizers & fillers.

Mix with 1:10 quantity of water and spread it all over the pond, especially at the feeding areas. 

Add 500 ml to 1000 ml / Acre.