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A Third Generation Molecule for Aquaculture

The development of Aquaculture production increasing day by day globally with reduced capture fishery. The shrimp production enormously picked up with increased stocking densities all over the world. At the same time the disease also becoming a big challenge for the farming community which is affecting the productivity.  It is high time to address these disease challenges caused by pathogens like bacteria, virus, protozoan, fungi as well as unfavorable environmental influences.

Codex Biosciences launched the molecule GemPack having a combination of essential oils extracted from Origanum vulgare and organic acids which is a third generation blend that prevents the majority of the diseases in aquaculture. The added value GemPack additive aquaculture feed mills dressing at farm level will help enhancing the productivity fish and shrimp farms preventing many diseases like Vibriosis, AHPND and one month mortality syndrome

Size: 750gm

 GemPack prevents from early bacterial Vibriosis, AHPND (EMS) and one month mortality syndrome.

 GemPack increases the protein digestibility & reduces food conversion ratio(FCR).

 GemPack has very high anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-protozoan & anti-micotic properties.

 GemPack acidifies the gut & digestive tract in aquatic animals by reducing pH in the alimentary canal.

 GemPack helps enhancing the immune-competency and results in high survival rates in culture ponds.

 GemPack usage in the feed prevents the formation of toxic gases like Ammonia, Nitrite and H2S.

GemPack is a third generation blend of special combination.

GemPack contains Essential oils – Carvicrol, Thymol along with Organic acids – Formic acid and Propionic acids.

In aqua farms: Take 5-10 g of GemPack per kg feed and mix along with binder, dry the feed for 20-30 minutes in shade and broadcast the feed.

In Feed mills: Take 5 Kg of GemPack per MT feed and add in the mixture along with other additives in manufacturing process.

In culture ponds: 5-10 g/kg feed.

In feed mills: 5 kg/MT of feed.