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Unique source of Organic compounds for improving & maintaining micro flora & health of gut

Organic acids are considered as an effective alternative for the antibiotics in the aquaculture industry. Each organic acids have their unique anti microbial spectrum, therefore, using organic acids blend (OAB) is proved to have a broader spectrum of antimicrobial activity along with potential synergistic effects on growth performance and nutrient absorption capacity of the shrimp. 

It was also proven that specific organic acid combination can increase the resistance in shrimp against Vibrio parahaemolyticus and can increase in final weight, feed efficiency, nitrogen retention, protein efficiency rate, survival, and yield.

CodexBio developed Digiplus, a special combination of organic acids blend with probiotics to address the white gut, White faecal issues in the shrimp and also promotes the nutrient absorption by maintain optimal gut pH.

Size: 1.0 Liter

DigiPlus improves gut health by destroying microbial cells.

DigiPlus attends & controls white gut, white faecal issues rapidly

DiPlus stabilizes the gastro-intestinal microflora.

DigiPlus inhibits the pathogenic bacterial growth in aquatic species.

DigiPlus helps increasing growth and survival rate in aquatic species.

DigiPlus reduces gut pH by dissociation of compounds.

DigiPlus increases protein hydrolysis which reflects in controlling FCR.

DigiPlus enhances the nutrient uptake in feeding.

DigiPlus is blend of Organic Compounds blended with acidic probiotics

Take 10 - 20 ml of DigiPlus per kg of feed, add 30 - 40 ml of water to it.

Mix this solution to feed, dry the feed for 20 - 30 min in the shade before broadcasting.

Shrimp farms :  10-20 ml per kg of feed

Fish farms : 2-3 liters per MT of mash feed