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New generation Oxygen enhancing Product

Dissolved oxygen (DO) management in the aquaculture ponds is a very important factor for the healthy production of shrimp and fish the practice of aquaculture, the pond bottom gets accumulated with waste from various sources like feces and residual feed which builds up the sludge. This sludge and decaying organic matter accounts for 70 to 80% of total BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and 20 to 30% accounts for COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand).

It is highly important to maintain the optimum levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) during the entire culture period of shrimp/fish Generally the oxygen depletion occurs in the culture ponds due to lack of sunlight rainy o cloudy weather, reduced photosynthetic activity, high stocking densities, increased temperatures in summer, and decomposed organic debris & detritus in the pond bottom is designed to meet the actual need of optimum Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels in the aquaculture ponds to meet oxygen requirements for the culture species, other populations and to maintain the BOD & COD levels.

Size: 2.0, 5.0 kgs

  • GenOxyTM releases oxygen at faster rate and increase DO levels in the port rapidly.
  • GenOxyTM helps maintaining optimum DO levels for a longer period after application.
  • GenOxyTM helps in free molting and reduces post molting stress in shrimp.
  • GenOxyTM helps enhancing the survival rate of culture species of shrimp/fish.
  • GenOxyTM oxidizes the toxic and noxious gases in the pond eco system.
  • GenOxyTM is highly miscible and soluble in various salinities of pond waters.
  • GenOxyTM helps reducing mortality during seed stocking in both Shrimp & Fish.

GenOxyTM contains effective oxygen releasing molecule Recommended Dosage for Tabs

Directly Broadcast the GenOxy over the pond.

For Tablets

1.5-2.5 kg per acre (3.0 - 4.5 ppm Dissolved Oxygen (DO).

3.0-4.0 kg per acre (Below 3.0 ppm Dissolved Oxygen (DO).

For Granules

2.5-3.0 kg per acre (below 3.0 ppm of Dissolved Oxygen)..

10-20 kg per acre (3.0-4.5 ppm of Dissolved Oxygen (D0).