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Effective Fish Santizer

Managing water quality an important factor for succesful aquaculture species such fish and prawn. Due to water quality bacteria, protozoa, other parasites (followed by even virus can cause diseases for fish and prawn which effects of the culture

Disinfectant has a major role in managing water quality by controlling the disease causing bacteria, fungal other parties in Managing the aquaculture ponds by disinfecting con control mass mortalities and supports the health management of fish and prawn, which increased survival rate as well as profitability.

Size: 5.0 Liters

SANFISH controls Bacterial Fungal, Viral and protozoan activity

SANFISH Protects Fish and shrimp from secondary infections

SANFISH does not cause any irritation to Fish

SANFISH is a blend at strengthful disinfectants, effective compounds with stabilizers useful for aquaculture.

Mix SANFISH with freshwater at the rate of 1:10 ratio and apply uniformly in the water column.

1.0-2.0 Liters/ Acre