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For Development & Maintenance of Better Plankton

In Aqua ponds Plankton plays a crucial role starting from producing Oxygen to competing with harmful micro organisms. Plankton is the primary level in food chain and provides natural food to the cultured species. Absence or less plankton results in decrease in D.O levels, high transparency and difficult in maintenance of water quality.

CodexBio launced BioPlankt, a novel product for development and maintenance of Better plankton in the aquaculture ponds. It is a combination of seaweed extract blended with vegetable products and produced by the fermentation method.

Size: 3.0kg

BioPlant is completely soluble in water and easy in application

BioPlankt increases the growth of diatoms an phytoplankton.

BioPlankt enhances survival rate.

BioPlankt controls and reduces the growth of harmful plankton.

BioPlankt develops healthy, stable and quality bloom.

BioPlankt helps maintaining better quality of soil and water conditions.

BioPlankt is very much effective at lower doses.

BioPlankt does not allow any residual development in pond bottom.

BioPlankt improves microbial activity of the pond bottom soil.

Extracted from Seaweed, Natural vegetable origin products and produced by unique fermentation method and enriched with natural macro, secondary and micro nutrients, Micro algae and beneficial probiotics.

Dissolve BioPlankt thoroughly in 30- 40 lit of water, wait for 30 minutes and apply over the pond.

Apply BioPlankt in morning hours Microalgae and between 6.00 am to 9.00 am for better results.

BioPlankt dosage can be modified based on the pond condition/as per the advice of farm technician.

For initial bloom development:

For shrimp ponds 2.0-3.0 kg/Acre


Booster dosage for managing stable bloom:

For shrimp ponds: 0.75-1.0 kg/Acre (Every 20 day)

Feed addition For shrimp feed : 1.0-2.0 kg/MT feed.