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Specially formulated high performing Probiotic made for fresh water fish culture

Probiotics are became the integral part of the aquaculture to prevent the pathogenic bacteria and also to maintain the optimum culture conditions for favourable growth of fish. 

CodexBio developed PROFISH, (specially formulated high performing probiotic made for fresh water fish culture) to adress the pathogenic incidence in fish farming. 

Size: 1.0 kg

PROFISH maintains very healthy ecosystem in the pond environment.

PROFISH oxidizes the pond bottom and prevents black soil formation.

PROFISH increases survival rate and productivity in the culture ponds

PROFISH controls toxic plankters like Microcystis, Nostoc, and Anabaena Etc.

PROFISH maintains healthy phytoplankton and stabilizes zooplankton in pond water.

PROFISH reduces and prevents the toxic gases like Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphido, Nitrite Etc.

PROFISH reduces BOD and COD in the aquaculture ecosystem and maintains good DO levels.

PROFISH reduces environmental and ecological stress of culture species in high stocking ponds.

PROFISH prevents disease incidence by avoiding proliferation of pathogenic bacterial populations.

 PROFISH Concentrate contains blend of Bacillus spp and selected strains of high performing probiotic for aquaculture.

Take required quantity of PROFISH Concentrate and completely mix in fresh water.

Apply all over the pond uniformly to have complete miscibility.

Initial booster Dose: 150 g per Acre as first dose.

Regular Dose: 100-150 g per acre for every 15 to 20 days.