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An Effective Liquid Probiotic for Aquaculture

The productions in the aquaculture segment are enormously growing as this is one of fastest growing food industries all over the world. The increased productivity results in the accumulation of organic waste in the culture ponds by means unconsumed feed, fecal matter, molted shells, crashed phytoplankton and dead benthic fauna. This development leads to the deterioration of water quality as well pond bottom by the Incidence of toxic gases and causes unhealthy environment.

CodexBio developed Rhodo-CB which is very effective Photosynthesis probiotic blend that reduce waste loading in culture systems and improve the quality of aquaculture ponds.

Size: 5.0 and 20.0 Liters

Rhodo-CB is o special combination of probiotic strains which minimize the aquaculture pond pollution in both shrimp and fish farming.

Rhodo-CB Food breaks down organic debris & detritus as well as converts this organic matter into nutrient source enhances the phytoplankton and zooplankton in culture ponds by maintaining plankton equilibrium.

Rhodo-CB inhibits the growth of pathogenic microbes in the culture ponds and also prevents the pathogenic bacteria loads in the ecosystems, salinity regulator pH fluctuations and also works in wide range of pH and compote for the nutrients with all pathogens in the culture ponds.

Rhodo-CB is a combination of probiotic strains of Rhodococcus spp & Rhodobacter spp having viable bacterial population of 4 billion cfu/ml.

Add required quantity of Rhodo-CB in clear water and then spray uniformly in the pond.

Mix required quantity of Rhodo-CB with sand and apply in the pond uniformly. 

Prawn/Shrimp ponds: 2 to 3 Liters/ha

Fish Ponds: 1.5 to 2 Liters/ha.

In abnormal conditions: 5 liters/ha