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High Chelating EDTA

Ethelene Diamine Tetra Acetc Acid is a poweful chelating agent which can bind divalent metal ions in the aquatic ecosystem. Farmers belives that EDTA is helpful in management of alkalinity and hardness of the pond water and also to control plankton bloom.

CodexBio launched NuvoSoft, which is a perfect blend of EDTA di Sodium Salt with activating compounds. 

Size: 1.0 and 5.0 kgs

NuvoSoft is blend of EDTA and ether compounds having highest chelating strength.

NuvoSoft lowers the hardness salinity and do not use any type of stress or algae crash.

NuvoSoft performs in all kinds of waters.

NuvoSoft starts working immediately after adding in to pond water NuvoSoft softens the pond water managing the alkalinity & Hardness.

NuvoSoft maintains healthy and stress free pond environment for aquaculture species NuvoSoft prevents occurrence of high BOD, COD.

NuvaSoft helps for better bloom and growth.

EDTA di sodium salt with activating compounds.

Mix required NuvoSoft in fresh water.

300 - 400 gms per Acre;