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CoDin 20

Unique Source of lodine for Pond Management

Iodine solutions are used worldwide in the form of iodophore for disinfection of aquaculture ponds, works effectively against a wide range of fungal and bacterial infections.

CodexBio launched CoDin 20 as a unique source of Iodine for pond management, especially to eradicate the pathogens.

Size: 1.0 and 5.0 kgs

CoDin 20 very effective and powerful sterilizer against Bacterial, Fungal and Protozoan infections.

CoDin 20 is safe to use in Fish / Shrimp aquaculture ponds.

CoDin 20 eradicates pathogens rapidly by reacting the inner cell contents.

CoDin 20 protects animals from secondary infections.

CoDin 20 is Nonyl Alkyl Phonoxy poly ethylene complex with stabilizers & activators.

Dilute the required quantity of CoDin 20 in 100 liters of pond water and apply throughout the pond.

250 ml per acre based on the water depth and water quality.